Anywhere But Here, Episode 63 – Catching Up, Missing Planes & Bad Journalism


They’re back! After what feels like a long time off from the show Ant and Tom return to talk about current topical affairs.

The Malaysian Airliner MH370 is still missing, although a ping has been detected, off the West coast of Australia, from what could be the black box recorder (which isn’t black). However the signal will run out in a few days and, even then, it could take years to get it to the surface.

Ant talks about a new phobia; Trypophobia, which is the fear of asymmetrical things, like the Lotus Fruit. Also in technology news is a new breakthrough where Microbial Fuel – or, spit to you and me – is used to power a computer chip, that could be used to analyse the very spit it is powered by!

Tom brings the entertainment news with a heart breaking story where Ed Sheeran sang ‘Little Bird’ to Triona Priestly, a 15-year-old girl who succumbed to her illness just after the performance.

Also, Ant and Tom go on the offensive against bad journalism after a story about 1 Direction’s Harry Styles surfaced this week about him leaving a swanky party with comedian, Jack Whitehall’s, girlfriend, Gemma Chan. ‘Where’s Jack Whitehall?’ the headlines cry. He’s in the fucking picture you twats! Just behind his girlfriend.

They close out with news that people shelling out obscene amounts of money on the new Tesla Model S sports car are voiding the warranty by hacking into the car’s software. The pros and cons of electric cars are discussed in that people like the sound of a loud engine, perhaps an email to Bernie Ecclestone will change things?


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