Anywhere But Here, Episode 68 – Killing Chris rhea


 Ant and Tom catch up on everything that has happened in the past couple of weeks, and it’s a lot!

The ABH Pod Pod is up and ready for the inside to be worked on, Tom has had interviews and days out as well as good and bad customer service. Ant sympathises and tells of what he’s been up to including visiting friends who have the same house as his Brother and playing Singstar.

Eurovision happened last night and this is discussed in length, including the UK’s entry, Molly, looking as though she came from Asgaard (thank you to Ben Taylorson and Matthew Jones of the JT Movie Podcast for that gem!) and the winner, from Austria, Conchita Wurst; a beautiful woman with a wonderful beard! If you haven’t ever watched Eurovision, you really need to!

They close out with more speech jammer app tongue twisters and encourage you to submit your own to Big thanks to Phil Clarke for giving us some constructive criticism this week and also to @Sammii_Cake on Twitter for being our 400th follower! Go subscribe to her gaming channel and tell her we sent you!


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