Anywhere But Here, Episode 69 – There Are No Stupid Questions, Just Stupid People


In the 69th episode of Anywhere But Here Ant and Tom focus on stupid people… really stupid people.

Tom uses half the show to highlight the stupidity of wannabe Big Brother contestant Josie Cunningham, who is threatening to abort her unborn baby, 18 weeks into her pregnancy. He also uncovers the contradictory nature of her NHS funded cosmetic surgeries.

And talks about the discovery of the thigh bone of (possibly) the biggest dinosaur ever unearthed in Patagonia and puts forward the fact that, surely, the Giganotosaurus should probably be renamed, much like Pluto being downgraded from a proper planet.

There’s a little bit a geek talk about how the X-Men franchise is played out at this point, and Ant and Tom have no burning desire to see Days of Future Past. But the photos of the design of the Batmobile and Bat Suit for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel look pretty cool, just like the Frank Miller design from The Dark Knight Returns.

Ant ends the show on a Buzzfeed list highlighting the stupidest questions ever posted onto Yahoo! Answers, including a horrific tale of a girl attempting to turn her boyfriend into a vampire in the most gross way you can think of. Listen on to find out how!


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