Anywhere But Here, Episode 71 – Ku Klux Queen


In this week’s podcast Ant and Tom have listener e-mails to read out from long time listeners Phil Clarke, who comments on the last 50 episodes of content, also Scott Nash and Robbie Polanco throw their thoughts into the ring about the killer robot debate from last week. Jake Calland gets a special mention for hacking the menu at McDonalds by asking them to make him the McKinley Mac from the menu read out on last week’s show. please keep the e-mails coming!

Tom finally got round to seeing Godzilla so Ant finally gets to talk about the film. they go into what they liked about it and what they didn’t. There may well be a few spoilers, so if you haven’t been to see it yet, go now and come back to us. You do need to see it on the biggest screen with bestest sound! On the topic of films, Ant got to see X-Men Days of Future Past, so there’s a little about that too.

Ant brings in a story about a ridiculously driven school girl from India who has become the youngest woman to climb Everest at the age of 13. 13! Tom talks about how the French Premiere has had to get a knackered old Renault out of retirement to drive the Queen around in for the D-Day anniversary as her hat is too big. Perhaps she should wear one of the new England ponchos that ASDA are selling for the World Cup?

The show ends on a list of inappropriate book titles. Plus, a science fiction book from the 30s called ‘Planet of the Knob Heads’ the artwork for which will adorn the walls of the ABH Pod Pod. See if you can find them on Amazon, through our banner at


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