Anywhere But Here, Episode 73 – Father’s Day


It’s Father’s Day! So Ant and Tom give you a potted history of where Father’s Day started, back in 1910 by a devoted daughter in America and how it has evolved into the day we celebrate today.

Along the way Ant and Tom get a little political, pulling references to the U.K. law system and the fight against it by Fathers For Justice. Tom brings in some examples of Fathers from around the world who have gone above and beyond for their children. Also, Ant asks Tom who his ‘celebrity Dad’ would be, the answer to which may surprise you… or not.

Anywhere But Here would like to celebrate all the fathers out there who do their fair share, or more, for their children and hope that you all have a good one, whatever you’re doing, even if – Like Tom – the day itself means nothing to you. Celebrate a father, any father!

If you’re a father, let us know what you got up to and what you received, if you’re a son let us know how you celebrated with your old man at the usual places, Facebook, Twitter – @abhpod or!


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