Shipped High In Transit, Episode 2 – Creepy, Blinking Mummies & KFC Name Changes


In the second episode of Shipped High In Transit, Ant & Tom reunite to debunk more stories from around the world. Tom kicks the episode off with a claim that a perfectly preserved 2 year old girl, mummified in 1920, opens and closes her eyes on a daily basis in a Sicilian catacomb. See the link below:

Why does this mummy appear to open and close her eyes?

Ant brings a story about why Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to KFC back in the 1990s which sparks some debate, disputing the veracity of picture depicting genetically modified chickens with 4 legs, 4 wings and no beak. (In no way do Ant, Tom or the ABH Podcast Network in any way support the REAL methods of battery farming used by the likes of KFC’s parent company, Yum! Brands, it’s still barbaric and wrong.) See the link to this story below:

Tastes Like Chicken

A listener’s question is answered to the best of the ability of the hosts after a disappointing lack of response from the U.K. Gamekeepers Association about the rise in dead pheasants around roadways. And two more Quick S.H.I.T.s are put forward, one that margarine may well be one molecule away from plastic, but one molecule makes a lot of difference!

Is margarine plastic? 

And another where, perhaps, Marie Antoinette may not have said “Let them eat cake” – let alone meant it in an ironic way.

Let them eat cake! 

Apologies for the amount of time between episode 1 and now, we promise to stay on top of things going forward. If you would like to get in touch to co-host, or host your own show, please get in contact at show@shippedhighintransit or, alternatively, get in touch @shippedhigh or at the Facebook group. Thank you for checking us out.


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