The Tom & Jo Show – Episode 3


This time, on The Tom & Jo show, our hosts debate the demise of the chart and its impact on young people.

Tom & Jo reminisce about a time when you would wait all week to see if your favourite band or artist had managed to claim the coveted Number One spot from whichever act you thought didn’t deserve it last week. In a world before downloads and torrent sites made the Top 40 and Top of the Pops obsolete this was the talk of the playground and though it brought families together, it also highlighted the divide between your parent’s musical taste and yours.

Feel free to extend the debate with us on our Facebook Page or on Twitter @TheTomAndJoShow (even though we didn’t have the pages set up when this episode was recorded, we do now!), or even personally @heyitsmetom & @JoGirlyjo. Thanks to all those pop-pickersĀ that have commented already.


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