Anywhere But Here, Episode 78 – Food, Glorious Food


On this week’s podcast Tom & Ant talk about food. This was brought about by the fact that American listener – and fellow podcaster – Sean stated on an episode of Nerd Church that Monster Munch wasn’t a product sold in the U.S.

Ant & Tom start off by blasting through a few products from their childhood that Americans may not also have had including Cadbury’s chocolate, The Real McCoys crisps and also what we have only just begun to receive from the American market that they never got to try in their youth.

Things quickly divert to the differences between British and American cuisine, thanks to a list Ant found on the internet. Things like, the Americans don’t have proper bacon or tea. Tom finds a list of food that are more British than you may have thought, the chicken tikka masala and the lasagne to name but two.

We find out that Ant is really particular when it comes to making tea and Tom is a connoisseur when it comes to real ale. There is some confusion over the classification of cooked eggs (what the hell is over-easy anyway?!), but the two come to an agreement that tomatoes and black pudding are bad and that the full English breakfast is the king of meals and should be had everyday.

Only hunger means that this episode didn’t spill over into a second hour.

Having a readily available food source is advisable before consuming this podcast. You have been warned.


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