Review: Near Ruin – No End


I featured Near Ruin at the start of the year after they released their song, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, the review for which you can read by clicking here.

I described this song as being powerful and that ‘If ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is a yard stick by which to measure the upcoming album then it will be a very intense and well polished beast of a record indeed.’ Well, we don’t have that new album yet, but what we do have is another song called ‘No End’, which also happens to be the title track of said album.

If anything, the production has cranked up an extra level in the last eight months. Even though the band produce the same kind of sound the production is even more rounded and full, including some nice touches like the kill-switch effect of the guitars at the very beginning of the song echoed in the backing vocals slightly later at the end of the first verse.

As with ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, this song starts with a melodic keyboard part (played by Simon Beck) with guitars and vocals building up with a thunderous double-pedal drum beat enhanced with a blistering bass line (provided by the blistering Tim Morgan and Luke Knight, respectively). And my God is that first verse powerful! It’s as though the singer (Marcus Kidner) wants to knock you off your feet. It totally sets the tone of the rest of the song to come.

Near Ruin’s style is a mixture of melodic death metal and post-hardcore with a twist of prog thrown in for good measure, and this is what makes them stand out from the crowd. ‘No End’ features ridiculously heavy verses interspersed with melodic, almost anthemic, choruses with beautifully simple sounding keys to add an extra layer to the song. These keyboard parts, rather than synth, amplify the tone to the point where you almost feel the weight of the music and lyrics squeezing your skull.

Another great touch on this track is the fake ending which leaves you thinking they’ve finished on a fade-out. Far from it. The band kick in for one last full-frontal assault on your ear drums with a horrendously heavy final 30 seconds which ends far more abruptly leaving you feeling slightly off-balance and light-headed.

With every track they release, Near Ruin are getting better and better. If you’re a fan of bands like Arch Enemy, Killswitch Engage or even Funeral For A Friend you’ll love them, but even if these bands aren’t your cup of tea, take a look at the video below, you never know unless you try! You can’t fail but be impressed by the musicianship of this band. If ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ was powerful, ‘No End’ is almighty.

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