Anywhere But Here, Episode 82 – Executed by Mortar Near Ruin


On this week’s show, Ant and Tom are joined by Simon and Luke from Near Ruin who join in with the fun and frivolity of an episode packed with laughs.

We sit round to discuss the latest in the one-woman-content-generator that is Josie Cunningham, where she looks to get a nose job from her own crowd funding website A new reality TV show is touted by a listener where Josie and Katie Hopkins are pitted against each other in a battle to the death. Who would win? You decide!

Luckily, Scroobius Pip is a proper celebrity who is doing nice things for his fans. He reached 100 thousand followers on Twitter recently and is keeping to his word, organising a night out in a pub in London where he will be buying everyone who turns up a drink.

Kim Jong Un is in the news again, this time for executing his pop star girlfriend, half her band and backing dancers for being involved in a pornography scandal. But, being machine-gunned to death this isn’t the most extreme way Kim Jong Un has offed someone who has annoyed him, listen to find out how he killed an officer who pissed him off in 2012.

You can find the Near Ruin guys here, make sure to go to and buy their songs for as much as you feel like giving them. They have an album out on Friday 22nd, so show them some love on Facebook or Twitter @NearRuin. Luke and Simon from the band will be back next week to talk about their album ‘No End’, so stay tuned!

Before we discovered that Hyon Song-wol had been executed we made fun of her 2005 smash hit ‘Excellent Horse-Like Lady’. Here’s the video for you to… enjoy?!

But we know you’d much rather listen to a song from Near Ruins’ forthcoming album instead, so here’s the video for ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, the song we played out on this week.


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