Interview with Marcus Kidner, lead singer of Near Ruin

Near Ruin

I was lucky enough to be picked to interview the Marcus Kidner – lead singer of Kent based metal band, Near Ruin – ahead of the release of the band’s second album, ‘No End’. So, without further  ado here is the result of said interview:

So, ‘No End’ comes out on Friday, are you excited?

Yes very exited, we’ve all been waiting to release this CD for a long time so it will be awesome to finally have people listen to it and see what they think.

What was the writing process like for the songs on No End?

We didn’t really have a set writing process, it would vary between us writing songs as individuals and writing as an entire group, showing each other things we have written and building off that. It was a fun and natural process which I think is important. We dabbled with the idea of a new release shortly after ‘Rebirth’ but didn’t actually start any proper work on it for a year or two after.

Do you feel you’ve grown as a musician and songwriter since ‘Rebirth’?

Definitely, writing songs feels a lot more fluid now compared to our first release where I would question what I was doing too much, now it feels more natural and I’m not scared to experiment with the music which has helped my writing mature. All of us have grown and matured as writers from ‘Rebirth’ and because of this we have refined our sound and built something we’re really happy with.

How was it recording and producing the album independently and how long did it take?

Recording the album independently was hard work but extremely fun and rewarding. Being able to take songs we had written and record them when we wanted and in the style we wanted was brilliant. It was a fun experience and is definitely a passion of mine now along with writing and vocals. Recording the album took just under 10 months, fitting it in-between jobs, band practise and other responsibilities. Prior to that I had spent a few years learning how to produce music in order to get the quality and sound we wanted, that was the challenging part.

Do you have a favourite track on the album to play live?

My favourite track on the CD would be either ‘Into Exile’ or ‘No End’ but my favourite track to play live is ‘Relinquish’. But that may change as a lot of the tracks on the CD haven’t been played in front of a crowd yet.

This may seem like a strange one, but I ask everyone: what’s your favourite animal?!

That’s a hard one! My favourite animal would either be an elephant or a great white shark! Can’t choose between them as they both interest me for different reasons.

Right, what’s the next move once the CD drops?

Lots of gigs everywhere and anywhere, promoting the new CD online and in the streets and overall trying to get our music to as many new people as possible.

The album is available now from Near Ruin’s BandCamp page or, you can find them in the flesh at a gig to get a physical copy. Gig dates are listed, and updated frequently, on the band’s Facebook page. Massive thank you to Near Ruin for asking me to do this interview and a bigger thank you to Marcus for taking the time to answer my questions!


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