Shipped High In Transit, Episode 3 – Crystal Skulls & the Death of The Elephant Man


This episode of the Shipped High In Transit Podcast features the first guest host, Steven, from A History of Misunderstanding Podcast. And, boy does he bring the goods with a fascinating story about Crystal Skulls, giving us the history of their discovery, the mystical powers it’s claimed they possess and the impossibilities of their manufacture by primitive tribes in Central America.

Tom’s feature this time round is the mystery surrounding the death of Joseph Merrick, a.k.a. The Elephant Man. It was widely believed – not to mention depicted, by John Hurt in the David Lynch film of the same name – that Merrick choked to death trying to sleep like a normal person. However, new evidence has been unearthed that points to an even more tragic story.

The ‘Quick S.H.I.T.s’ section of the show debunks the theory that clinking glasses together as a toast was a way for people at medieval feasts to prove they weren’t trying to poison each other and why the symbol for the dollar is ‘$’.

An added layer of production has been provided by Steven for this episode to give atmosphere to the stories. Find his film podcast at

Please give us feedback on this episode or ask to be on a future show by contacting us at, comment on our Facebook page or on Twitter @ShippedHigh. Thank you so much for listening.


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