Anywhere But Here, Episode 83 – Near Ruin talk No End


 As promised, Ant and Tom bring you an interview with Luke and Simon one half of the metal band Near Ruin. Their new album was released on Friday and we’re all over it here at Anywhere But Here, Ant and Tom ask all the important questions, as usual. We get an insight into how the band was formed, who their influences are (as well as their guilty pleasures), how the album was made and what their plans for the future are.

Visit the band’s bandcamp site to get your mits on the new album, ‘No End’, and a whole host of other merch. Or track down the individual members of the band at their gigs or just loiter outside their houses to get your hands on an exclusive bundle of swag at a reduced rate! Let them know what you think of them by visiting their Facebook page or on Twitter @NearRuin, they are great guys and are serious about what they’re doing.

Here are the two songs that were featured on today’s episode: ‘Descent’ and ‘No End’.


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