Anywhere But Here, Episode 84 – Bile against Buckets and Birthdays in Brighton


On this weeks show, Ant and Tom talk about the Ice Bucket Challenge and the unnecessary ire being thrown the way of the challenge and the charity behind it. It’s a bit of fun and has brought a global awareness for a umber of charities. Donate to who you want, don’t have a hissy fit about it people, it’s a bit of fun.

The boys cover some high-profile deaths that have happened in the last few weeks while they have put out the pre-recorded shows. But the deaths of Robin Williams and Richard Attenborough’s passings were too noteworthy not to mention.

The episode is rounded off by Ant’s weekends away with Liz for her Birthday, they went to Brighton where he embarrassed her with a cake in a restaurant and saw Wicked with the family, where they met the show’s star, Kerry Ellis.

Tom and Jo went down to the seaside too, this week, to sample some ales and seafood and got into a stare off with the couple sat next to them. This led on to a discussion about Ant not being able to eat food that looks like the animal it was. Do you have a food you can’t eat? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or


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