Anywhere But Here, Episode 90 – Games, Games, Games (@AntOnAnEGaming)


On this gaming episode of the podcast Ant and Tom have a special guest; Ant from ‘Ant on an E Gaming’ to talk about (you guessed it) gaming!

Games commented on include Assassin’s Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, the Lego games, Final Fantasy, Destiny and many more.

The two Ants are the big gamers here, both have their own gamer channels on YouTube and keep up to date with the big releases, so Tom is largely quiet this episode. Listen to Tom get completely lost while Ant and Ant get in-depth about recording their games and also while explaining Destiny!

Go challenge Ant on to grudge match or ask for him to record an achievement video by finding his YouTube channel here.

Also, vote for the T-shirt design you prefer on the poll that we will be posting on Facebook and Twitter this week… if it’s not there already… which it might be. We’ll try to get them available or Christmas so you can spoil that podcast fan in your life!

Don’t forget to check out AntOnAnEGaming on Twitter and Facebook too.


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