Anywhere But Here, Episode 91 – Ebola vs. Josie Cunningham


On this shorter than usual episode, Ant and Tom tackle the Ebola outbreak and what it could mean for the world. Topics covered here include, how do you explain it to your child without striking mortal fear into them? How does the spread of Ebola compare to a zombie film? And how do we try to avoid it?

Even on a stripped down show like this one, Tom can’t leave Josie Cunningham alone, but this time – just to show he can be impartial – he tries to defend her by comparing the amount spent by taxpayers for her operations to the amount that would be spent on her as a single Mum on benefits. See how well that defense went by putting this podcast in your ears!

The result of the T-shirt design poll will be announced on social media this weekend and we hope to get the offer up and running very soon, so you can get yourself something nice to wear for Christmas.

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