Anywhere But Here, Episode 93 – And Then There Were Two (Part 2)


In this episode of Anywhere But Here, Ant and Tom catch up with a lot of the stories and links you guys have sent in over the last month or so. Topics covered include the ‘how it should have ended’ take on the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, which has Ultron quoting other Disney films in his creepy delivery, one man’s reaction to the first ever tweet by The Queen, how rude road names in Britain are under threat, how one Mexican journalist was found and killed by the vigilante group she was investigating and real life gadgets that could help you become Batman.

Ant talks about the comics he’s been reading including The New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis and a new podcast called ‘Serial’ which is about a real life crime case going through the courts at the present moment. Tom talks about how Godzilla was better in the cinema than on Blu-Ray and how he’s getting to grips with his new iPhone.

It’s one of those podcasts where there was a plan, but it fell through at the last-minute. Normal service will resume shortly, for now go the and buy our shirts so people can get theirs in a few weeks time!

Check out our Halloween video of us playing the Silent Hills playable teaser here.

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