Shipped High In Transit, Episode 4 – The Penny Myth & Spontaneous Human Combustion


In this brand new episode of Shipped High In Transit, Ant debunks the myth that you could kill a person by dropping a penny from the top of a tall building – in this case, the Empire State Building.

Here are the websites Ant used for reference.

The Quick S.H.I.T.s section carries on from the Penny Myth in that Ant also debunks the myth that, if you were to throw yourself off a tall building – let’s say the Empire State Building – you wouldn’t die of a heart attack or your lungs exploding before you hit the ground. See here

A listener’s question about spice being used as preservative is answered by Tom. Spices are used, predominantly, to enhance the flavour and aroma of food however, they have antimicrobial properties which slows the growth rate of bacteria that would spoil the meat.

Tom’s story this week is about Spontaneous Human Combustion, a condition where a person burns away to ash with no obvious initial spark or fire. There are many theories from The Wick Effect to psychic-suicide.

If you have any stories for us to cover or if you want to debunk your own tales get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook or send an email to or Thank you so much for listening and commenting, please share, rate and review us on whatever podcast provider you use.

Here are the links to the scientific papers Tom used to research his Quick S.H.I.T. here & here


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