Review: Interstellar

Interstellar poster

Interstellar is the story of an intrepid group of explorers who go on a mission through a wormhole put there by a mysterious race looking to help humans to find an alternative planet to colonise after the Earth has started to become a giant, infertile dust bowl.

Christopher Nolan brings back recent collaborators on the Dark Knight Trilogy, Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway alongside Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey in this epic sci-fi tale of space exploration.

Epic is the only word fit enough to describe Interstellar. Christopher and his Brother, Jonathan Nolan have outdone themselves on scripting another masterpiece after their collaborations on films like Memento and the last two Batman movies, it also follows on from the success of that trilogy and Inception, which had ground-breaking visuals. Interstellar carries on with that tradition, with some of the most striking imagery ever put on film.

From the rolling farmland on Earth where McConaughey and his family live to the depiction of alien worlds, travelling through a three-dimensional wormhole and even the secret to what lies beyond the event horizon of a black hole. A lot of these effects are extensions of the world folding scenes in Inception, but so much bigger.

Trying to explain the plot would take too long and give too much away, but what can be said is that you will experience a range of emotions, heightened by the church organ score which actually manages to instil a feeling of religious reverence at what you are watching and the importance of the mission the characters are undertaking.

The Nolans don’t spell anything out for you as they make blockbusters that imagine the audience is cleverer than other writers and directors. there is comedy among the seriousness, mainly injected by robotic helpers who are installed with human-like senses of humour. The ending is a little mawkish and some of the plot points are telegraphed before you see them, but you probably won’t see the big reveal, or the ways the Nolans tie everything together, coming.

This is a masterpiece and has to be seen.


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