Anywhere But Here, Episode 95 – British Bigots & Bungled Burglaries


On this week’s episode, Ant and Tom have some good news: They have sold 10 T-Shirts, which means everybody who wanted one will get one before Christmas (maybe)!

All the fun and frivolity of the last week – where Ant got Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and both Ant and Tom have completed various games including the Shadow of Mordor and the Deadpool game – is shattered by a Facebook rant. It started off with a post about Katie Hopkins branding Palestinians as ‘filthy rodents’ and turned into a full-scale slanging match between Ant and some guy sticking up for the racist views of Katie Hopkins and, in doing so, outing himself as a massive bigot.

In other news, Tom is now on IMDB after appearing as an extra in a film shot in Maidstone, recently. At gives away another story of adolescent pyromania.

They finish with a couple of bungled burglary stories from around the world/America as well as a couple of listener stories about brushes with the law.

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