Anywhere But Here, Episode 96 – Dream Jobs (@JoGirlyjo)


In this episode Ant and Tom are joined, after the best part of a year, by Jo for a big discussion about jobs, the good, the bad and the dream.

We hear what the guys all wanted to be when they were children, which ranges from musician to astronaut to nun and the favourite and worst jobs they’ve had. This opens up some revelations to Ant and Tom and hopefully to you, the listener, as well. Some people just need to sit down and talk about what they want to do and how to achieve it.

There was a lot of listener interaction to highlight this point and it shows that Anywhere But Here has a very caring audience. Most people want to do something that helps people, either teaching, emergency services or just being a good parent.

Many thanks to all who wrote in and contributed, who knows, you may have had a helping hand in developing someone’s life!

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