Anywhere But Here, Episode 97 – Tirades, Teaser Trailers & Trolling Trolls


On this week’s podcast Ant and Tom rail against UKIP getting into power in the Rochester and Strood by-election, this is a topic that was hotly discussed on Tom’s Facebook account recently as the ex-UKIP deputy minister made some rather bold statements about the gay ‘community’.

Black Friday hit the UK in a big way this year and Christmas shoppers from all over the country started hitting each other too. This abomination of capitalist greed is dissected by the guys as they try to make sense of this new ‘tradition’.

An interesting question from Robbie Polanco, after the dream jobs episode from last week, sparks some debate over how much Ant and Tom would want to be paid to podcast as a job, with some interesting results. How much would any other podcasters want to be able to do what you do full-time?

The guys also take a look at the latest teaser trailer to be released for some of next years biggest blockbuster franchises; Star Wars The Force Awakens and Jurassic World. Is that rollerball droid the new Jar-Jar and did JJ Abrams take a scene from Spaceballs and drop it into the teaser trailer? Tom saw the latest Hunger Games movie last night – The Mockingjay Part 1 – and has some muted thoughts on it.

Ant closes the show out on a lighter tone: A girl messages a troll’s Mum to warn her that her son has been sending inappropriate messages.

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