Anywhere But Here, Episode 98 – A Chat With Sonya Roseman (@sonyaroseman)


This week, Ant and Tom are joined by a special guest – Sonya Roseman. She’s a local actress who has branched out into producing, writing and directing her own movies. She has a couple of short films in production and pre-production at the moment, one called Operation OMO about what British girls got up to while their men were fighting in the Second World War. The other is closer to Ant and Tom’s hearts: The Bluebell Hill Ghost, which you may remember from the first episode of Shipped High In Transit.

After a brief talk about politics and the recent censorship of British-made porn, Sonya talks us through the trials and tribulations of writing a film about ghost stories including bad dreams and flats being burned down! We get to hear that the indie film community around Medway is much stronger than we originally thought.We also find out who her favourite actors and directors are as well as who her dream cast would be… with surprising results.

Go find the short versions of The Ghost of Bluebell Hill on Sonya’s YouTube page and give her some feedback, the final cut of the feature-length version is still in pre-production. You can also find the trailer for Operation OMO which features Anywhere But Here’s very own Tom!

The show closes with a bit more film talk around the biopic; The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly about the life and very sad death of Alan Turing, the genius code breaker during the Second World War. Go find sonya on Facebook and Twitter @sonyaroseman.

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