Anywhere But Here, Episode 102 – “Oh, Happy New Year!”


It’s the first ‘live’ podcast since the middle of December and, as such, Ant and Tom have a lot to get through including what their Christmas involved and what they got. This includes clothes, comics video games and podcasting equipment, some of which they are testing out today. Will there be a difference in quality? Who knows?

Ant talks about how good the Captain Marvel series is and Tom raves about a game that’s over a year old: The Last Of Us. And the age-old Marvel/DC debate rears its head again while debating the latest Lego Batman games, which is equally great.

There are heart warming stories about Pope Francis giving out 400 sleeping bags to the homeless of Rome and an app developer who used his wealth to pay off his parents mortgage for them. Sir Richard Attenborough gets a, kind of, Christmas present by having a beetle named after him.

Ant tells the story of a wolf that hasn’t been spotted for 70 years in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona. The story goes south when it turns out a hunter mistook this endangered animal for a coyote and promptly shot and killed the beast.

Tom gets confused about Ant describing the International Space Station as a fictional deity.

This is one of those shows that’s a bit rough round the edges, so thanks for sticking with us, we’ll get back to our usual low standards pretty soon, we promise. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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