Anywhere But Here, Episode 103 – Nous ne sommes pas Charlie


This episode of the Anywhere But Here podcast features a lot of talk about the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, which have dominated the news this week. Tom puts some context into what happened from Wednesday to Friday and tries to uphold the argument for freedom of speech and the right for the media to print what they like – with limitations. While Ant makes the case that this atrocity is only getting the attention it is because it has spawned memes and a catchy hashtag, whereas the shooting of school children in Pakistan in December received very little coverage, which leads o to a conversation about the media in the West being biased and sticking up for their own.

This argument is derailed a couple of times by Ant’s cat pawing at the window, but was really torn apart by the introduction of whether or not Ahmed the Dead Terrorist wears a turban or if it’s called something else, as he isn’t a Sikh… not that he’s a fictional character and a figure of satire anyway. It wouldn’t be and episode of Anywhere But Here without some sort of embarrassing hole in our knowledge. We’re sorry.

Things get moved swiftly on after this and Ant talks about a guy that went missing over Christmas in his home town whose body was found washed up down river, which isn’t really a surprise if you live in Maidstone.

Finally, Ant and Tom get to talking about comic book things: Ant is upset that Batman is slowing down the Justice League and the Ant-Man trailer is discussed. What do you think of it? Are you excited? nonplussed? Let us know.

The title of this episode is not to be taken offensively, we mean no malice to the victims of the shootings in France or their families. It is simply to satire the meme/hashtag culture that has taken hold after this atrocity while others are ignored by Western media outlets.

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