Anywhere But Here, Episode 104 – Two Year Extravaganza


This is the two-year celebration of the Anywhere But Here Podcast and boy have we a show for you!

We are joined by Jo and Loz in the studio and are joined on Skype by listeners and other podcasters alike including Robbie Polanco, Scott & Charlie from Stinking Pause podcast, Steven and Smokey from A History of Misunderstanding podcast, Sean from Nerd Church podcast, Jake from RIJCast and Liz and Chloe. This was way more than we expected and was more than overwhelming, which may explain the length of this episode!

Ant and Tom wish to extent their gratitude to all the people who called in to take part and all those of you who will listen to some or even all of it (a special well done to those of you who manage the whole episode)! Again, thank you so much for sticking with us over the last two years, we are so lucky to have the support and friendship you’ve shown us.

We hope you enjoy this chat among friends. Year three starts in earnest next week. Expect some new things…

Go visit and listen to all our friends at their websites:

Nerd Church

Stinking Pause

A History of Misunderstanding


Get in touch with us:

Twitter – @abhpod

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E-mail –


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