Anywhere But Here, Episode 105 – New Beginnings


The first show of the 3rd year of the Anywhere But Here podcast has a brand new theme tune, which totally throws Tom for a loop… honest!

Neither Ant or Tom seem to have had any time to keep up with the news, so take this opportunity to explain the show to new listeners and to remind old listeners – including themselves – about why the show is called what it is and what the general theme of the show is: “I’d rather be anywhere but here”.

They go on to discuss the demise and reemergence of page 3 girls in The Sun and reminisce about internet porn in the days before broadband and streaming. This leads on to a chat about feminism in advertising.

Tom talks about his packed weekend of work including being taken to the football by a customer who has a box. None of the people who went like football, but they all like free food and drink! Ant compares it to his experiences of watching bands from corporate boxes and whether or not the atmosphere is lost.

Ant saw The Theory of Everything, so the guys had a conversation about a film they’ve both seen, which is a rarity. They also touch upon the Oscar nominations, but decide to leave their predictions for closer to the time. Plus, they’ve not seen all the trailers for the other films yet!

We hope you enjoy this episode, we’re changing the way the YouTube works with a snippet from this weeks episode as a best bit and the full episode will follow later in the week. Let us know what you think.

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