Anywhere But Here, Episode 109 – Planes, Pains & Oscar Predictions


On this weeks podcast Ant and Tom have had a very strange week. Ant has been ill with gastroenteritis and Tom has had a stressful week thanks to Ryanair’s booking agents, eDreams. (They’re a shower of shite, never EVER book a flight through them as they lie to you just to take your money and then will only communicate with you via Twitter, sporadically. Crooks.) On a brighter note, he and Jo made the most of a bad situation by having a nice couple of days in London instead.

It’s the Oscars tonight and Ant and Tom put forth their predictions for Hollywood’s greatest night! How close will their predictions be this year? Only a few more hours to find out. Let us know if you agree with them.

Ant has been playing a game called Rocksmith, which is kind of like Guitar Hero, except you use a real guitar. Which is obviously better than playing a tiny plastic guitar with buttons on the neck rather than strings.

A brief discussion is had about Lazer Team, the upcoming feature film from Rooster Teeth, you may have heard Ant mention them once or twice.

Check out the teaser:

In local news, a woman’s hair is set on fire in a McDonalds, some underage kids elope around Kent on trains, raising the question, can you be a paedophile at 17? And finally a UKIP MP, Rozanne Duncan, has been fired for saying she doesn’t like people with ‘negroid features’ yet proclaims not to be a racist. As with most things UKIP related, she digs herself a very deep hole while trying to defend her shocking statement. Know your enemy, people.

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