Anywhere But Here, Episode 111 – Body-Shaming & Badgers


On this weeks episode Ant and Tom run the gamut of the week’s news from the annoying to the meh, from the happy to the sad.

A brief conversation about film yield some interesting views on Chappie, District 9, the Alien franchise and Prometheus. People are up in arms about the Supergirl outfit in that she’s wearing a skirt AND tights. The boys aren’t really sure why this outrages people so much as the outfit itself is quite modest and will, surely, be a positive thing for young girls rather than the tiny trunks the character wears in the comics.

The U.K.s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest was revealed last night and Tom brings it to you to make your mind up about how many points we’ll be awarded this year. A man was arrested this morning in London after spending the night on top of the Houses of Parliament, no-one is sure exactly why yet, though.

Harrison Ford needs to stay away from things that fly. After being injured by the Millenium Falcon last Summer (though Ant schools Tom by claiming the Falcon can’t really fly), the veteran actor crashed an old World War II aircraft into a gold course. Luckily there was a spinal surgeon playing on the course at the time though.

An athlete from Sierra Leone, Jimmy Thoronka, was found living rough on the streets of London after going missing after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last year. Apparently his uncle had died of Ebola while Jimmy was competing in Scotland and subsequently the rest of his family passed leaving him destitute and feeling hopeless. Now a group of people are raising money to get his life back on track.

In the same vein, a man was body-shamed while dancing at a concert. The internet fired back at the body-shamers and a group of women from L.A. are raising money to fly him out and throw him a dance party. The internet can be a wonderful thing.

We close on a story from Stockholm where a badger held a hotel under siege for 40 minutes this weekend. Ant and Tom dispense some helpful advise to anyone being terrorised by overgrown, hopped up rodents: Set a snake on them… listen all the way to the end, if you dare!

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