Anywhere But Here, Episode 110 – No Capes!


It’s been a strange week in the news, and this weeks episode reflects this. At the start of the week a letter was released by Yorkshire police saying the investigation into Cliff Richard by Operation Yewtree has expanded. Also another former pop star, Gary Glitter, was arrested on charges of abusing young children in the 1970s.

This was overshadowed by Madonna’s pratfall at the Brits, which Edna Mode – from The Incredibles –  has some important advice that Madge should have listened to. In turn, this was overshadowed by how people perceive colour with the viral sensation that ‘that dress’ caused. Is it blue and black or white and gold, the science behind this story is what really makes it interesting.

Ant and Tom round-up their Oscar predictions from last week, in which they got two wrong out of seven and Tom narrowly edged out Ant four to three.

Ant brings the story of a traffic warden who has been banned from high-fiving children who cross at his crossing. Is this ‘political correctness gone mad, or is it a sensible way of keeping kids and motorists safe? Have your say on Twitter and Facebook.

Puerto Rico seems to be the place to be if you want a themed funeral. Listener, Dave, sent in an article about a man being embalmed, dressed up in a Green Lantern costume and propped up in the corner of the room at his wake. This leads to the revelation that lots of people in Puerto Rico are having weird and wonderful funerals or last wishes played out.

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