The Tom & Jo Show – Episode 7: Room 101


The Tom & Jo Show is back with a brand new episode! It’s been a while – nearly four months, in fact – but here we are to reveal what you, the listeners, voted into Room 101, the fictional, Orwellian room where you can banish things that you dislike forever.

Listeners contribute things such as: religion, Campanology, Homeopathy, the M26, long false nails, loud chewing, golf, crystal healing, dreadlocks, Astrology, Bob Geldof, eating contests, ‘fun size’ things, mimes, paying to go to the toilet, rubbish and penguins. Some of which we agree with, some we don’t.

Jo decides to banish ageing and Tom gets on his soapbox and verges on inciting genocide on The Great Unwashed – the chav… or the stupid.

Also, the caption challenge from November is revealed: What’s in the Queen’s handbag?!

If you agree or disagree with any of the comments on this show, we’d love to hear from you. Find us on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to all those who have waited a stupid amount of time for this episode to come out and hello to any new listeners. We’re gonna try to get more regular again in future… no promises though!


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