Anywhere But Here, Episode 112 – Would You Rather?


This weeks show was recorded last week over Skype and featured some technical difficulties. We hope we sorted out as many as possible, but there was nothing to be done about the exploding sauce container in Tom’s kitchen!

As it’s Mother’s Day and Ant and Tom are out spoiling their Mum’s they decided to record a show all about hypothetical questions and situations. These include Would you rather be eternally hungry or morbidly obese forever, would you rather no-one knew who you were or not be able to recognise anyone, would you rather be a slut or have everyone think you are a slut, would you rather dissect a corpse or skydive and if you found a suitcase in the forest with £1 million inside and a bloodstained note that said ‘don’t’, what would you do?

The show ends on a really difficult question of whether you would kill a turtle or have a close friend become a scientologist? The result may surprise you.

The final question is thrown open to the audience though: Would you rather lose an eye in a fireworks accident or have your nose mauled off by a wild animal leaving you with a Michael Jackson style nose? Please send your answers to any of the social media links below, and let us know if you would have chosen the same answers as Ant and Tom.

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