Anywhere But Here, Episode 114 – Getting Things Off Our Chests


On this week’s podcast Tom wants to clear up a few things that he missed out from the story about getting a new job from last week’s show. This includes being held up in the bank he works at. Ant tells the story of his weeks, which largely revolves around the death of his pet cat. Both these stories are linked in the fact that grief or shock affect people in different ways.

Zane from One Direction has left the band this week and Jeremy Clarkson was fired from the BBC, which sparks a debate about the complexities of the situation of a talented broadcaster being fired by one corporation yet being allowed to go to another company to be allowed to make the exact same show.

Finally they get geeky and talk about the fact that X-Files has been announced as well as all the episodes of the new Daredevil show are dropping onto Netflix this month. Fox released the first picture of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, which makes Tom very happy. But, is it really Ryan Reynolds?

They end on talking about films such as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel franchise and Tom’s partial review of Chappie.

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