Anywhere But Here, Episode 117 – Star Wars, Daredevil & Batman v Superman


Ant and Tom are back in the same room for this weeks podcast, not just in the same room but in the ABH Pod Pod!

After a bit of clearing up what’s been going on the last few weeks, where Tom finally gives Ant his Birthday present and a bit of a rant about his ex-employer.

Ant has been to see the live action version of Cinderella, which was good and we debate the slew of Disney live action remakes. In the last week there have been a lot of trailers and TV shows to talk about including the new Ant-Man trailer, the astonishing new Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer and the less overwhelming Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice teaser trailer.

All 13 episodes of Daredevil were released onto Netflix last weekend and the boys have watched some of them and report back without spoiling it too badly. The fight scene at the end of episode 2 is the best piece of television either of them have seen in a very long time.

Tom tells the story of the ‘loneliest whale in the world’ the 52 Hertz Whale and the endeavours of scientists and documentary makers to find the whale with the speech impediment.

Ant finishes with the story of the American woman who tried to pay for her shopping with a $1 million dollar bill. We didn’t know this note existed, is it real? Find out by putting this podcast in your ear holes!

Tune in again next week for the first ABH Book Club, where Ant and Tom will be reviewing the first Goosebumps book: Night of the Living Dummy. Read along, if you dare!

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