Anywhere But Here, Episode 119 – Powerwall, Periscope and Princess Naming


On this weeks episode of Anywhere But Here Ant answers the question everyone is asking: What does it sound like when a trombonist sneezes while playing?

Tom talks about how he’s getting on in his new job. Which leads to how Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, unveiled a battery that could change the world.

Ant and Tom predict the possible names of the new Princess, is  on the cards for a middle name? s it too controversial? What do you think the name will be?

Periscope has come to the fore of citizen journalism in the last few weeks and we’ve jumped on the bandwagon, so come and follow us on there. A journalist in Nepal was able to report from earthquake hit Nepal, but Ant and Tom couldn’t get it to work from the bottom of the garden!

Geek topics are covered, from Daredevil that Tom has finished but Ant hasn’t, to Age of Ultron, which Ant has seen and Tom hasn’t.

No low-flying planes this week, but the guys are joined by a pigeon and a wasp.

ABH Book Club will be becoming a regular show, but which book should we review next? Suggest one via one of the links below.

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