Anywhere But Here, Episode 121 – What Are Words?


This week’s episode starts off with a catch-up on the social interactions of the last week, including one listener’s suggestion for an improvement to beans on toast, which gets Ant and Tom talking about food and also getting fit.

There were comments on Age of Ultron, which lead on to the pictures released from the set of Suicide Squad, the trailers for Super Girl and Legends of Tomorrow.

Tom has been watching John Hughes films with Jo in the last few weeks and has conflicting views from her on certain ones, which sparks the debate; is it nostalgia that blinds you to the fact certain films date badly?

Guitarists are discussed as the documentary, ‘It Might Get Loud’, featured The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White, throwing conflicting views of certain musicians. Plus, the Edge falls off a stage while on tour!

In the real world, Kim Jong Un may or may not have executed another of his officials, while in the world of Guild Wars 2 a player found hacking the game had his avatar publicly executed.

It was a strange episode this week as Ant and Tom both space on names of people, bands and films. If this is your first taste of Anywhere But Here, please go and listen to any other episode. We’ll be back and better next week. Promise!

Here’s The Edge falling off stage at a recent gig:

Guild Wars 2 hacker’s character get’s publicly executed:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer:

Supergirl trailer:

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