Anywhere But Here, Episode 123 – Charlie Charlie Stabby Screechy


Ant and Tom are back again this week with a show recorded the morning after a night of drinking to celebrate Corky getting engaged. As such, there’s a bit of a lack of energy at first, but we get over that quite quickly by discussing all the important topics.

Ant has found a new band, The JB Conspiracy, on his trip to Ipswich last week. There was an earthquake in Kent last week that no-one felt but The Rock was very concerned about. The latest craze to hit social media is the Charlie Charlie Challenge, where the aim is to summon a Mexican demon called Charlie who can only seem to answer yes/no questions.

Sean O’Brien, or Dancing Man, had his big dance party in LA this weekend, but Ant and Tom are still a little bit suspicious of the motives of those taking part. This leads on, somehow, to a discussion about the lyrics to ‘All About That Bass’ and whether or not they’re appropriate for their intended audience.

A man was tasered close to where Tom lives, luckily it was captured on film by a group of youths from the area (our overseas audience might pick up some new words this week) who give running commentary, but just listen out for the man getting stunned. And finally, Dustin Diamond, Screech from Saved By The Bell, has been charged after a bar-brawl on Christmas.

Enjoy this week’s episode of Anywhere But Here!

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