Anywhere But Here, Episode 124 – Corruption, Comics, DARPA & Dogs


On this week’s episode of the Anywhere But Here podcast, Ant and Tom cover the sporting scandals of the last week, including the FIFA scandal and Mo Farah’s coach, Alberto Salazar , being investigated for doping. As usual, the guys don’t know much about sport, so take what they say with a grain of salt and feel free to correct any of their ‘charming inaccuracies’  at any of the social links below.

Listener shout-outs this week lead on to a comic book that has been developed about a man who turns people into energy by extracting their life force. It’s called ‘Mulligan’, check out the IndieGoGo page and donate, if you like what you see.

Tom talks about his pre-middle-aged garden adventures including his one-man-war against slugs.

DARPA have held a robotics challenge this weekend where fully autonomous robots have battled in out in disaster relief style tasks. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Can DARPA really be trusted to not weaponise this technology? Find out what the guys think and add your comments.

Ant brings a story about a new craze that Japanese dog owners are getting involved in. Click here to see what it’s all about. And Tom brings a story about the priceless works of art that went missing from Boston’s public library, which have now been found… in the Boston Public library.

As always, thank you for listening and, by all means, get in touch and tell your friends about us!

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