Anywhere But Here, Episode 130 – ABH v Hopkins: Kuntie Returns


There have been a lot of things to catch up on this week’s episode. Firstly, lots of geek stuff that came out of Comic Con that Ant and Tom missed last week. Trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Deadpool were also shown and the guys take some time talking about those as well as the behind the scenes footage from Star Wars VIII: The Force Awakens as well as how much Apocalypse from the forthcoming X-Men  movie looks like Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers!

Tom is requested, by a listener, to review Night of the Living Deadpool. So he does. Talk about fan service! Ant has found a story that gets to the bottom of the Loch Ness Monster myth, once and for all. Apparently.

Things take a turn for the annoying as an old-time favourite makes a return to the headlines. It’s Katie (Kuntie) Hopkins time again! This time she’s been taking the piss out of autistic children for being fat and annoying even though she has an autistic child herself.

She’s also been comparing migrants to cockroaches and willing boats to sink in the Mediterranean to further her career. We also learn that she is, in fact, a fictional character thanks to an inquisitive Guardian journalist who gets more than her bargained for in this interview.

Speaking of right-wing nutters, the Royal Family has been embroiled in the scandal of an 80-year-old film that shows her, as a child, doing the Nazi salute with her Mother ad Edward VII. However, take it with a grain of salt as The Sun may – just may – have twisted the truth on this one.

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