Anywhere But Here, Episode 132 – The Lion, The Witch and The Sentient Robot


This week, Ant and Tom had a nightmare getting the podcast out on time… not that that will affect you if you’re listening in the future. But, they couldn’t conceive of you missing out on their voices for a whole week, so here we are!

This week, subjects discussed include robots passing a sentience test, will this lead to a Skynet-style apocalypse? While robots are proving themselves to be intelligent, Ants have been proved to fall under the spell of a strange secretion from a Japanese caterpillar that compels them to be its bodyguards.

Ant has a real life encounter at the leisure centre with a woman who gets all her medical knowledge from Facebook. Speaking of misinformed women; Josie Cunningham’s back in the news claiming that, because benefits are being cut in the UK, she’s had to go back on the game. Is there nothing this vapid bint won’t say to remain relevant?

The big news story of last week though was the shooting of Cecil the lion and the backlash against the hunter. Ant and Tom discuss the morals behind the story, but also hear from a US animal psychic who claims to have heard from Cecil. She has some interesting insights into how the lion feels about being shot and how we should be reacting…

Finally, we end with an email from a listener who has binged the last 30 or 40 episodes and has a lot to comment on. If you would like to join the debate, get in touch through one of the links below.

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