Review: Lazer Team

lazer team

I entered the cinema with an air of trepidation. Lazer Team (intentionally spelt with a ‘z’) is a film by a group of people (Rooster Teeth) who predominantly film stuff and put it on YouTube, produce podcasts and play computer games. I don’t watch things on YouTube, it’s a phenomenon that’s passed my by, I’m afraid. So, I thought it would by chock full of in-jokes and references that would alienate a Luddite like myself as it had been crowdfunded by the fans of Rooster Teeth.

I was wrong. Actually what it is is a slacker sci-fi comedy where a group of misfits unwitting stumble upon a suit of power, put on a piece each and then have to learn to get on and work together as they face a threat from beyond the galaxy.

Cue training montages where no-one gets any better, falling out, making up and ultimately coming together to save the Earth. Oh, and zombie-like soldiers being controlled by the aliens of course!

Apparently there were loads of references and easter eggs for those who are indoctrinated into the world of Rooster Teeth, but for those who aren’t it’s a passable couple of hours with more than enough laughs and some pretty good effects for an independent film.

It hasn’t converted me to wanting to spend hours on YouTube, but it wasn’t even half as bad as I feared.


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