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Anywhere But Here, Episode 100 – Yes, 100! With @UnthusiasmPaul & @Robbie_Polanco

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In this very special, landmark edition of the Anywhere But Here Podcast Ant and Tom decide not to pat themselves on the back for sticking at something for 100 weeks in a row. This time they throw the love and respect back at you, the listeners of the show.

This show comprises of chats with actual listeners who don’t record their own podcasts, just to get a feel of who they are and why they like independent podcasts like this one so much.

There would have been more people on the show had it not been for the last-minute nature of the idea for the show and some bouts of shyness. Certain listeners just want to be listeners, which is perfect.

Learn a bit about, Paul McEvoy, and his musical projects including the rock opera – ‘Gorillian’ – about a genetically modified gorilla who goes on a rampage through Victorian England and America before blasting into the stratosphere! And, the one and only Robbie Polanco, the Bostonian who is trying to find out how to create the next ‘Super Man’ in an underground military facility, while listening to all the podcasts he can!

Ant and Tom had a lot of fun putting this episode together and hope you have fun listening to it. But also extend their thanks to the silent majority; those of you who listen week-in-week-out without getting in touch. They hope you enjoy it and would love to get to know you too.

Lastly all of us at the Anywhere But Here Podcast Network wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let us know what you get up to.

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Anywhere But Here, Episode 96 – Dream Jobs (@JoGirlyjo)

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In this episode Ant and Tom are joined, after the best part of a year, by Jo for a big discussion about jobs, the good, the bad and the dream.

We hear what the guys all wanted to be when they were children, which ranges from musician to astronaut to nun and the favourite and worst jobs they’ve had. This opens up some revelations to Ant and Tom and hopefully to you, the listener, as well. Some people just need to sit down and talk about what they want to do and how to achieve it.

There was a lot of listener interaction to highlight this point and it shows that Anywhere But Here has a very caring audience. Most people want to do something that helps people, either teaching, emergency services or just being a good parent.

Many thanks to all who wrote in and contributed, who knows, you may have had a helping hand in developing someone’s life!

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Anywhere But Here, Episode 83 – Near Ruin talk No End

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 As promised, Ant and Tom bring you an interview with Luke and Simon one half of the metal band Near Ruin. Their new album was released on Friday and we’re all over it here at Anywhere But Here, Ant and Tom ask all the important questions, as usual. We get an insight into how the band was formed, who their influences are (as well as their guilty pleasures), how the album was made and what their plans for the future are.

Visit the band’s bandcamp site to get your mits on the new album, ‘No End’, and a whole host of other merch. Or track down the individual members of the band at their gigs or just loiter outside their houses to get your hands on an exclusive bundle of swag at a reduced rate! Let them know what you think of them by visiting their Facebook page or on Twitter @NearRuin, they are great guys and are serious about what they’re doing.

Here are the two songs that were featured on today’s episode: ‘Descent’ and ‘No End’.

Interview with Marcus Kidner, lead singer of Near Ruin

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Near Ruin

I was lucky enough to be picked to interview the Marcus Kidner – lead singer of Kent based metal band, Near Ruin – ahead of the release of the band’s second album, ‘No End’. So, without further  ado here is the result of said interview:

So, ‘No End’ comes out on Friday, are you excited?

Yes very exited, we’ve all been waiting to release this CD for a long time so it will be awesome to finally have people listen to it and see what they think.

What was the writing process like for the songs on No End?

We didn’t really have a set writing process, it would vary between us writing songs as individuals and writing as an entire group, showing each other things we have written and building off that. It was a fun and natural process which I think is important. We dabbled with the idea of a new release shortly after ‘Rebirth’ but didn’t actually start any proper work on it for a year or two after.

Do you feel you’ve grown as a musician and songwriter since ‘Rebirth’?

Definitely, writing songs feels a lot more fluid now compared to our first release where I would question what I was doing too much, now it feels more natural and I’m not scared to experiment with the music which has helped my writing mature. All of us have grown and matured as writers from ‘Rebirth’ and because of this we have refined our sound and built something we’re really happy with.

How was it recording and producing the album independently and how long did it take?

Recording the album independently was hard work but extremely fun and rewarding. Being able to take songs we had written and record them when we wanted and in the style we wanted was brilliant. It was a fun experience and is definitely a passion of mine now along with writing and vocals. Recording the album took just under 10 months, fitting it in-between jobs, band practise and other responsibilities. Prior to that I had spent a few years learning how to produce music in order to get the quality and sound we wanted, that was the challenging part.

Do you have a favourite track on the album to play live?

My favourite track on the CD would be either ‘Into Exile’ or ‘No End’ but my favourite track to play live is ‘Relinquish’. But that may change as a lot of the tracks on the CD haven’t been played in front of a crowd yet.

This may seem like a strange one, but I ask everyone: what’s your favourite animal?!

That’s a hard one! My favourite animal would either be an elephant or a great white shark! Can’t choose between them as they both interest me for different reasons.

Right, what’s the next move once the CD drops?

Lots of gigs everywhere and anywhere, promoting the new CD online and in the streets and overall trying to get our music to as many new people as possible.

The album is available now from Near Ruin’s BandCamp page or, you can find them in the flesh at a gig to get a physical copy. Gig dates are listed, and updated frequently, on the band’s Facebook page. Massive thank you to Near Ruin for asking me to do this interview and a bigger thank you to Marcus for taking the time to answer my questions!

Anywhere But Here, Episode 74 – Shaun Williamson (@FatBarryShaunW)

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This week, we have a very special interview with the actor Shaun Williamson. After waiting patiently for a time when he could fit us in it, typically, fell on a day when Ant was away. So, Tom dropped everything and went to do the interview. The only problem is that Tom is his nephew, so there’s no un-biased voice meaning that Tom had to play the family member and detached voice of the audience.

We find out how Shaun came to be an actor through many jobs that now don’t exist and the stroke of luck that bought him to the nation’s screens in Eastenders which, eventually led him to appear in Ricky Gervais’ hit comedies Extras and Life’s Too Short, as well as the Hollywood film The Invention of Lying.

His career isn’t all screen-based, and Shaun takes us through his stage work, where he’ll be appearing near you (as long as you’re in the U.K.) at some point in the next few months in a touring show of One Man, Two Guvnors. He’ll also be appearing in a film alongside Adrien Brody in the Autumn about Houdini who apparently worked as a spy during World War 2.

Shaun gives advice to school children wanting to become actors, as it turns out he still has a cult following with a generation who were barely born when he was acting in Eastenders.

There’s also a shocking revelation about weight at the beginning of the show that some will be taken aback by! We are very proud to be able to show you a candid, if not all-the-way-candid, interview into the man’s life. As it was a spur of the moment thing – and Tom was unprepared – please ask questions that should have been asked and they shall be put to the man himself, hopefully on record, very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this tantalising look into Shaun Williamson’s life and please, go and see One Man, Two Guvnors when it comes to your home town, soon! The link to the National Theatre’s website for dates and tickets is here.

Hold on to the end of the episode to get a piece of audio you could use for an alert on your mobile device too!

No video this week, unfortunately. Sorry about that, we will return to regular broadcasting next week!

Anywhere But Here, Episode 29 – A chat with Kristina Smith from Mooli part 2

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Ant and Tom are off again this week so you are being treated to the second part of the interview with Kristina Smith from the band Mooli.

This time conversation turns to the imminent release of ‘Automatic’ on 19th August 2013. Which is the first single from the album ‘Dream Chasing’, which should be out by the end of the year – hopefully. We also get a further insight into the dynamic between Kristina and Ben Copland and the recording process.

We also find out about the fitness regime you have to go through to be a pop star (it’s not all glitz and glamour!), as well as the eating habits of a certain producer!

Once more with feeling, here is ‘Automatic’: (You need to go and download it from iTunes, which is where you can also subscribe to this podcast, nifty, eh?!)

And, as a special treat, here’s Meek, the acoustic song mentioned at the beginning of the interview:

Here is the visual version of the episode if you fancy a watch too, just make sure you subscribe and thumbs-up! Thanks!

Anywhere But Here, Episode 24 – Murray, Minecraft, Morning Joe & Mick Jagger’s Hair

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On this week’s show Ant & Tom discuss their changing opinions on Andy Murray and Russell Brand, to illustrate this they narrate over in interview Brand gave on American talk show Morning Joe where he takes over from the woefully band interviewers. Ant tells us about his outing to see Bon Jovi in Hyde Park at the weekend, which leads Tom to rant about the shortened televised set on the BBC of the Rolling Stone’s Glastonbury show.

Ant brings up the cheapening of Apple products, like the new iPhone, now that Steve Jobs’ ideology seems to have been forgotten, even though a biopic is being released later this year. Tom does an elongated shout out to all the people who have joined the Facebook page and begs for people to download and share the podcast with their friends. Ant talks about more YouTube channels that he subscribes to including IJustine, whose song about Google Glass ends the podcast this week, and Yogscast – which leads on to his ABC, Minecraft; the open-ended game about digging for things to make other things to battle zombies and spiders and stuff!

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Here’s the video for Spanish Flea by Adrian Holovaty

This is the Russell Brand interview, which you can watch along while you listen (if you like!).

Here’s the video by IJustine about Google Glass and is a parody of a Stone Sour Song