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Anywhere But Here, Episode 129 – Fitness, Films & A Fireworks Accident

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Ant and Tom are back after quite a few weeks of being pre-recorded, so there’s a lot to get through. Apologies go out to Andrew as his email was omitted from the last book club episode.

An e-mail from Ant’s Dad brings the only real news of the episode and it’s death related (Sorry Robert!). A man from the USA decided it would be a good idea to light a firework while holding it over his head. It didn’t end well.

Tom describes his diet and talks about giving up drinking as well as carbs and cola. The guys discuss drunkenness and how alcohol affects you physically and mentally.

The second half of the show is filled with film talk, Loz sent in a great e-mail about Jurassic World which may be posted on our social media soon. Lots of reviews this week including, Terminator Genisys,The Minions Movie and the first episode of Supergirl.

Also, the trailer for Suicide Squad has been leaked from Comic-Con and surprises Ant and Tom.

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Review: Jurassic World

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jurassic world

22 years after the events of Jurassic Park and, coincidentally, 22 year in real life too, the four film in the franchise that refuses to go extinct picks up. Without a trace of continuity referencing The Lost World: Jurassic Park or Jurassic Park III. So, finally, we can disregard those films.

Jurassic Park has been re-opened, despite the horrors that happened there in the past and the warnings of Dr Ian Malcolm and Dr Alan Grant. Apparently, the world has become blasé about dinosaurs and what the punters want now is bigger, louder animals with more teeth.

The scientists at the park have decided to appease the focus groups and the park’s sponsors by creating a hybrid from various strands of DNA from other dinosaurs and animals. The result is the Indominus Rex, a giant, aggressive, intelligent, colour-changing predator. What a great idea! This’ll give the adults nightmares, never mind the kids says the astonished park manager, Simon Masrani (played by Irrfan Khan).

Khan’s character is a mix of John Hammond’s heart and a corporate number-cruncher, in that he still has a wide-eyed child not too far under his business-like exterior. Whereas Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire is all about the focus groups, numbers and contracts.

Claire’s nephews are visiting the park while their parents go through a divorce and Claire has no time to show them round, so entrusts them to her assistant. They give the assistant the slip and go off on their own to have fun. Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Chris Pratt’s ex-navy-turned-Velociraptor-trainer, Owen, who – it’s obvious – has a past with the cold Claire. Owen saves an intern who falls into the raptor pen and shows off his mutual respect with the beasts who don’t instantly rip him to shreds. He is also having a back-and-forth with Vincent D’Onofrio’s InGen security manager, Hoskins. Hoskins is looking to use the raptors in the field of war rather than drones or robots, which is a ludicrous idea even for a Jurassic Park film.

All this happens in the first half an hour before the Imdominus Rex escapes to wreak havoc on the dinosaurs and humans alike. So there’s a heck of a lot of set-up before all the action takes place, which would lead you to think that the script would be quite complex. It isn’t. It’s a Jurassic Park film.

After the I-Rex escapes things start to pick up quite drastically with all the elements that you’ve come to expect from these films in the last two decades; tension, jump-scares, implied gore, loud roars, running and driving and screaming, with a decent amount of humour thrown in.

There are some brilliant set pieces that take you right back to the first time you saw that Brachiosaurus for the first time. The visual effects are, expectedly great and it’s great to see these animals back in the cinema again and Chris Pratt is a charisma machine, but there are a few things missing. For one, John Williams is sorely missed. Michael Giacchino is a great composer, but Willliams’ shoes are too big for him to fill. There’s a distinct lack of T-Rex, which is a shame and the plot is so predictable that you can spot all the big reveals coming a mile off.

It’s big, loud fun while it’s happening, but after you leave the cinema you’ll have forgotten the majority of it, which is a shame because it’s actually the second best of the four films. It has a meta quality to it where it excuses what’s going on by highlighting the ridiculousness of its plot and calling them out, and this is the reason it scores higher the other two films. However, no one will ever touch the original.

Anywhere But Here, Episode 99 – Paddington, The Potterverse & Porn Protest Outside Parliament

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At the beginning of this weeks podcast Ant decides to clear the air about his views on the new Star Wars trailer, but may have dug himself a bigger hole. You decide! Other films discussed in this episode include Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys, Paddington, The Hobbit and SPECTRE. This new Bond film’s script may have been stolen by hackers when Sony was hacked in November, though no sign of it has been found yet. North Korea claim they didn’t do it in retaliation to Seth Rogan’s film that mocked Kim Jong Un, but they praise the action taken by the unknown hacker(s). The pros and cons of both The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises are also discussed.

A protest was made outside Parliament in London on Friday against the new rules about what can and can’t be shown in UK produced pornography. 20 couples took to Parliament Square to sit on each others faces and hold risqué placards. Tom wishes he’d have known the organiser of the protest had stood for election in the Rochester & Strood by elections last month!

Ant brings in stories about Josie Cunningham and Katie Hopkins that almost make Tom explode with rage. Cunningham has decided to set up a web site helping young girls get pregnant to get a council house and live off benefits while Hopkins tweeted inappropriate things about people committing suicide.

Listen and enjoy.  Oh, and don’t forget: Next week is our 100th episode, come back to hear the extravaganza that will be Episode 100!

Congratulations goes out to Robbie Polanco for creating the best ABHPod T-shirt selfie so far!

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