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The Tom & Jo Show – Episode 2

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This time on The Tom & Jo Show, it’s the ultimate battle of the big-screen titans! Our hosts discuss who is better; Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tom & Jo go to great depths analysing the careers of these legendary actors both on and off-screen to come up with the most comprehensive argument you’ll ever have heard on the subject.

They also do impressions, some good… some very bad!

(The editing of this podcast took a bloody age thanks to the software occasionally skipping, I’ve done my best to iron out the kinks, but some of the drops happened during key bits of dialogue. Give one of us a shout on Twitter at @heyitsmetom or @jogirlyjo if you think you’ve missed anything important. – Tom)


Anywhere But Here, Episode 30 – Glow in the dark bunnies

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Ant and Tom are back from their holidays this week with another fast and loose show while they get back in the swing of things. Among the topics covered are fracking and other forms of renewable energy, the existence of Area 51 as well as the small story of Ant proposing to his girlfriend, Liz!

Ant gets to play with his new soundboard, so you’ll hear a few sound effects and idents from our friends at A History of Misunderstanding Podcast. Bizarre news covered today include glow in the dark rabbits, a snail growing in a little boy’s knee, Japanese UFO footage being deleted from the internet and the discovery of new animals; the Bazinga Reiki jellyfish and the Olinguito.

Ant has a quiz for Tom about internet slang during which Tom explains why he’s not a internet pervert. The ABC for this week is ‘P’, Tom talks about Predator and Pan’s Labyrinth and Ant talks about the wonder that is procrastination!

Here’s the video of the show opener this week. ‘Mysterious Girl’ covered by James Dalby

This is the news story of the sea snail growing in a 4 year olds knee.

And these are the stills taken from the UFP video from Japan that have been taken down from the internet.

Finally, if you don’t want to just listen, but want to see our ugly mugs (well, half of them!) you can watch the whole episode here. Just remember to subscribe while you’re there!