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Review: Deadpool

Posted in Film with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 19, 2016 by Tom Austin-Morgan

Deadpool Poster

First off: I thought I’d posted this over a month ago. Secondly: I’m a massive Deadpool fan, so this review could be heavily biased. (Aside: It will be.)

What is there to say about this film that either hasn’t already been said or could possibly spoil it. For once we’ve been given a film where the trailer gave away quite a lot of the plot and the set-pieces, but it didn’t matter.

Deadpool isn’t a traditional super hero film and it has managed something Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers and even Marvel have failed to do; appeal broadly to an audience that wouldn’t otherwise go. The Warner Bros. films might be seen as too earnest, the Marvel films might seem too unwieldy what with all those characters and interlinking stories, The Fox films have messed about with time-travel and the Sony films have re-invented Spider-Man for the umpteenth time. Deadpool stars heart-throb Ryan Reynolds, it looks funny, and it’s not taking itself seriously at all.

This is why Deadpool has given Fox its highest opening weekend ever, even more than Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and the highest opening weekend for a 15 (R-Rated) movie ever. It’s different from anything people have seen in a super hero film. And this should worry you.

I could go on to describe how I started laughing about five seconds into the film and didn’t stop throughout, or the fact that Reynolds was born to play this role. I could also go into the two-dimensional supporting cast and how this isn’t necessarily a problem. I could even go on to explaining all the in-jokes and how much this is a film for the fans that, somehow, appeals to many more than the core Deadpool-reading audience. But there’s no reason as everyone is saying he same thing and by now you really should have seen it.

What I will say is that Hollywood regurgitates successes ad nauseam until it gets old, so expect to see a lot more gore and close-to-the-knuckle comedy in superhero films going forward. Already Warner Bros. have said there will be an R-Rated version of Batman v Superman;Dawn of Justice for the DVD/Blu-Ray release and Fox have stated their final Wolverine movie will be R-Rated too. The problem with this is that the gore and some of the language suits Deadpool, it may work for Wolverine, but it doesn’t really suit Batman and really isn’t needed in a Superman film.

Not everything needs to follow a successful formula to be a hit. Deadpool didn’t and look what happened there… oh, wait…

If you’ve not seen this film it’s too late, but it is well worth a watch. Could be a little annoying for those not familiar with ‘the Merc with the Mouth’, but that’s who he is and this film is unashamed of that, as it should be.


Anywhere But Here, Episode 114 – Getting Things Off Our Chests

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On this week’s podcast Tom wants to clear up a few things that he missed out from the story about getting a new job from last week’s show. This includes being held up in the bank he works at. Ant tells the story of his weeks, which largely revolves around the death of his pet cat. Both these stories are linked in the fact that grief or shock affect people in different ways.

Zane from One Direction has left the band this week and Jeremy Clarkson was fired from the BBC, which sparks a debate about the complexities of the situation of a talented broadcaster being fired by one corporation yet being allowed to go to another company to be allowed to make the exact same show.

Finally they get geeky and talk about the fact that X-Files has been announced as well as all the episodes of the new Daredevil show are dropping onto Netflix this month. Fox released the first picture of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, which makes Tom very happy. But, is it really Ryan Reynolds?

They end on talking about films such as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel franchise and Tom’s partial review of Chappie.

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Anywhere But Here, Episode 87 – Governments, Guardians & Gross Fat Shaming

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This week’s podcast features a lot of talk about comics and films. But, before this, Ant and Tom tackle the Scottish referendum and why the vote eventually turned against Scotland leaving the UK and how awkward it must be in UK politics now.

Doctor Who makes a ‘fuckety-bye’ style line that half interests Tom into wanting to watch it… almost.

Ant finally got round to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and the boys have a (hopefully) spoiler free chat about the film and what they really think about it and the Marvel films in general. Also in comic book film news: Deadpool has been given a release date, which Tom is very excited about, but is also scared about it being toned down to a 12A rather than an 18, as it should be. They also discuss the career enhancing opportunities it could have on Ryan Reynolds’ career if he reprises the role.

Fan art was released after rumours of who will play Doctor Steven Strange in the – also rumoured – upcoming film. The best of these (and the strongest rumour) was one depicting Joaquin Phoenix with the trademark hairstyle and goatee, find the picture here. A less convincing one was of Benedict Cumberbatch that just looked like an old Christopher Lee Hammer Horror poster.

Ant brings a story from a listener about Katie Hopkins, a recurring figure of hate, who has put on 4 stone to prove to fat people they can get thin if they stop eating and start exercising. She gets her fat shaming words thrown back at her from a comedian on the panel show, Celebrity Juice, check the video out here. And Tom brings a story about a local council who plan to spend £12,000 on a Hollywood style sign to put on a hill next to a motorway so people will know exactly where Medway is.

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