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Review: Deadpool

Posted in Film with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 19, 2016 by Tom Austin-Morgan

Deadpool Poster

First off: I thought I’d posted this over a month ago. Secondly: I’m a massive Deadpool fan, so this review could be heavily biased. (Aside: It will be.)

What is there to say about this film that either hasn’t already been said or could possibly spoil it. For once we’ve been given a film where the trailer gave away quite a lot of the plot and the set-pieces, but it didn’t matter.

Deadpool isn’t a traditional super hero film and it has managed something Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers and even Marvel have failed to do; appeal broadly to an audience that wouldn’t otherwise go. The Warner Bros. films might be seen as too earnest, the Marvel films might seem too unwieldy what with all those characters and interlinking stories, The Fox films have messed about with time-travel and the Sony films have re-invented Spider-Man for the umpteenth time. Deadpool stars heart-throb Ryan Reynolds, it looks funny, and it’s not taking itself seriously at all.

This is why Deadpool has given Fox its highest opening weekend ever, even more than Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and the highest opening weekend for a 15 (R-Rated) movie ever. It’s different from anything people have seen in a super hero film. And this should worry you.

I could go on to describe how I started laughing about five seconds into the film and didn’t stop throughout, or the fact that Reynolds was born to play this role. I could also go into the two-dimensional supporting cast and how this isn’t necessarily a problem. I could even go on to explaining all the in-jokes and how much this is a film for the fans that, somehow, appeals to many more than the core Deadpool-reading audience. But there’s no reason as everyone is saying he same thing and by now you really should have seen it.

What I will say is that Hollywood regurgitates successes ad nauseam until it gets old, so expect to see a lot more gore and close-to-the-knuckle comedy in superhero films going forward. Already Warner Bros. have said there will be an R-Rated version of Batman v Superman;Dawn of Justice for the DVD/Blu-Ray release and Fox have stated their final Wolverine movie will be R-Rated too. The problem with this is that the gore and some of the language suits Deadpool, it may work for Wolverine, but it doesn’t really suit Batman and really isn’t needed in a Superman film.

Not everything needs to follow a successful formula to be a hit. Deadpool didn’t and look what happened there… oh, wait…

If you’ve not seen this film it’s too late, but it is well worth a watch. Could be a little annoying for those not familiar with ‘the Merc with the Mouth’, but that’s who he is and this film is unashamed of that, as it should be.


Anywhere But Here, Episode 99 – Paddington, The Potterverse & Porn Protest Outside Parliament

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At the beginning of this weeks podcast Ant decides to clear the air about his views on the new Star Wars trailer, but may have dug himself a bigger hole. You decide! Other films discussed in this episode include Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys, Paddington, The Hobbit and SPECTRE. This new Bond film’s script may have been stolen by hackers when Sony was hacked in November, though no sign of it has been found yet. North Korea claim they didn’t do it in retaliation to Seth Rogan’s film that mocked Kim Jong Un, but they praise the action taken by the unknown hacker(s). The pros and cons of both The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises are also discussed.

A protest was made outside Parliament in London on Friday against the new rules about what can and can’t be shown in UK produced pornography. 20 couples took to Parliament Square to sit on each others faces and hold risqué placards. Tom wishes he’d have known the organiser of the protest had stood for election in the Rochester & Strood by elections last month!

Ant brings in stories about Josie Cunningham and Katie Hopkins that almost make Tom explode with rage. Cunningham has decided to set up a web site helping young girls get pregnant to get a council house and live off benefits while Hopkins tweeted inappropriate things about people committing suicide.

Listen and enjoy.  Oh, and don’t forget: Next week is our 100th episode, come back to hear the extravaganza that will be Episode 100!

Congratulations goes out to Robbie Polanco for creating the best ABHPod T-shirt selfie so far!

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