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The Tom & Jo Show – Episode 2

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This time on The Tom & Jo Show, it’s the ultimate battle of the big-screen titans! Our hosts discuss who is better; Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tom & Jo go to great depths analysing the careers of these legendary actors both on and off-screen to come up with the most comprehensive argument you’ll ever have heard on the subject.

They also do impressions, some good… some very bad!

(The editing of this podcast took a bloody age thanks to the software occasionally skipping, I’ve done my best to iron out the kinks, but some of the drops happened during key bits of dialogue. Give one of us a shout on Twitter at @heyitsmetom or @jogirlyjo if you think you’ve missed anything important. – Tom)


Schwarzenegger to reprieve Terminator role?

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Yes, really! There are rumours doing the rounds that ‘The Governator’ is attached to a package due to go under a bidding war between film companies this afternoon.

There is no script just yet, but it will be produced by Robert Cord, producer of ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Against The Ropes’. Universal have apparently put ‘Fast Five’ director, Justin Lin in place to direct the newest in a possible slew of Terminator films. There were plans for more progressions of the story line before Halcyon, the company behind ‘Terminator Salvation’, went bankrupt in 2010.

A possible reason behind this move to get as many films into production as possible is because James Cameron, the orignal creator of the Terminator franchise, will regain the rights to all the characters in 2018.

Whatever happens, the big question is: will the latest T-800 have wrinkles, or will they have to employ powerful CG de-wrinkling techniques post-production like the wobbly version of him that appears in ‘Salvation’?