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Review: Lazer Team

Posted in Film with tags , , , , , , , , , , on February 9, 2016 by Tom Austin-Morgan

lazer team

I entered the cinema with an air of trepidation. Lazer Team (intentionally spelt with a ‘z’) is a film by a group of people (Rooster Teeth) who predominantly film stuff and put it on YouTube, produce podcasts and play computer games. I don’t watch things on YouTube, it’s a phenomenon that’s passed my by, I’m afraid. So, I thought it would by chock full of in-jokes and references that would alienate a Luddite like myself as it had been crowdfunded by the fans of Rooster Teeth.

I was wrong. Actually what it is is a slacker sci-fi comedy where a group of misfits unwitting stumble upon a suit of power, put on a piece each and then have to learn to get on and work together as they face a threat from beyond the galaxy.

Cue training montages where no-one gets any better, falling out, making up and ultimately coming together to save the Earth. Oh, and zombie-like soldiers being controlled by the aliens of course!

Apparently there were loads of references and easter eggs for those who are indoctrinated into the world of Rooster Teeth, but for those who aren’t it’s a passable couple of hours with more than enough laughs and some pretty good effects for an independent film.

It hasn’t converted me to wanting to spend hours on YouTube, but it wasn’t even half as bad as I feared.


Anywhere But Here, Episode 98 – A Chat With Sonya Roseman (@sonyaroseman)

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This week, Ant and Tom are joined by a special guest – Sonya Roseman. She’s a local actress who has branched out into producing, writing and directing her own movies. She has a couple of short films in production and pre-production at the moment, one called Operation OMO about what British girls got up to while their men were fighting in the Second World War. The other is closer to Ant and Tom’s hearts: The Bluebell Hill Ghost, which you may remember from the first episode of Shipped High In Transit.

After a brief talk about politics and the recent censorship of British-made porn, Sonya talks us through the trials and tribulations of writing a film about ghost stories including bad dreams and flats being burned down! We get to hear that the indie film community around Medway is much stronger than we originally thought.We also find out who her favourite actors and directors are as well as who her dream cast would be… with surprising results.

Go find the short versions of The Ghost of Bluebell Hill on Sonya’s YouTube page and give her some feedback, the final cut of the feature-length version is still in pre-production. You can also find the trailer for Operation OMO which features Anywhere But Here’s very own Tom!

The show closes with a bit more film talk around the biopic; The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly about the life and very sad death of Alan Turing, the genius code breaker during the Second World War. Go find sonya on Facebook and Twitter @sonyaroseman.

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Anywhere But Here, Episode 90 – Games, Games, Games (@AntOnAnEGaming)

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On this gaming episode of the podcast Ant and Tom have a special guest; Ant from ‘Ant on an E Gaming’ to talk about (you guessed it) gaming!

Games commented on include Assassin’s Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, the Lego games, Final Fantasy, Destiny and many more.

The two Ants are the big gamers here, both have their own gamer channels on YouTube and keep up to date with the big releases, so Tom is largely quiet this episode. Listen to Tom get completely lost while Ant and Ant get in-depth about recording their games and also while explaining Destiny!

Go challenge Ant on to grudge match or ask for him to record an achievement video by finding his YouTube channel here.

Also, vote for the T-shirt design you prefer on the poll that we will be posting on Facebook and Twitter this week… if it’s not there already… which it might be. We’ll try to get them available or Christmas so you can spoil that podcast fan in your life!

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Anywhere But Here, Episode 41 – Foggots

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This week’s episode features a call to arms for you all to listen to some independent podcasts like ours, as they are largely more interesting than the professionally produced ones out there. Ant and Tom also ask for people to visit their website and use the Amazon banner in the top right corner to buy your Christmas presents from.

They then get into a lengthy debate about faggots and why a man was banned from Facebook for liking them… another English thing that has lost it’s translation on the other side of the Atlantic. They try to set up a group on Facebook ‘Faggots are food not people’ but Facebook wouldn’t even allow that, the boys will endeavor!

We hear about Tom’s fancy dress experiences at work and the fireworks he went to see on the Saturday before the show. Ant tells of an 80 year old Russian man who went toe-to-toe with a bear and survived – both the bear attack and the fall from a cliff the bear pushed him from!

Ant and Tome urge their listeners to fund a web series of Aardman animations’ ‘Morph’ programme that first appeared on kids TV during their childhood on a programme called ‘Hart to Hart’. Please visit the Kickstarter link below and give if you enjoyed the show.

Here is the story from the telegraph about the Russian man fighting the bear:

and here is the JustGiving page where you can fund the new Morph we series:

Anywhere But Here, Episode 33: Phobias

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This week’s show focusses on phobias, we learn about some of our listener’s irrational fears including spiders, rats, cigarettes and even shortbread (Anywhere But Here invents the word for this phobia, just so the scientific community are aware; koulourákiphobia)! Ant quizzes Tom on strange celebrity phobias and Tom re-lives a harrowing event in his life involving his fear of small spaces and going pot-holing when he was in the Cubs.

Tom talks about one of his favourite metal bands, System of a Down in the ABCs this week, while Ant talks about Shaytards, a family who post their lives on YouTube.

They also discuss another podcast called The Nerd Church, who picked a bit of a comedic fight about the use of English against American. Tom’s girlfriend validates Nerd Churches stance with an explanation of how English isn’t a real language at all and how American is… when it’s written.

Watch the episode here, on YouTube:

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Anywhere But Here Episode 23 – Wimbledon, Worrying and Westboro Defectors

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On this week’s episode of Anywhere But Here Ant and Tom take heed of listener’s requests for shorter shows and still manage to fit in National Red-Head Day (with another handily placed ad for The Ginger Survival Guide by Tom Collins, published by Michael O’Mara Books Limited –, the shock results from Wimbledon this year, Non-News in the shape of ‘exciting’ photos from the set of the new Veronica Mars production, Superbetter, an app that helps with anxiety and self-confidence from the TED Talks: Life Hacks series, Megan Phelps leaving the Westboro Baptist Church, the Le Mans 24 Hour Race and a rather niche personal ad from Craigslist! How do they do it?!

Here’s the opening song from this week’s show: It’s Saxapella’s version of Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

Here’s the latest episode on our YouTube channel, which you can also subscribe to!

Anywhere But Here Update

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In a completely self-serving post, I’d like to draw your attention to my podcast again. Find Anywhere But Here on Twitter (@abhpod), iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and at We’re into our fourth month of podcasting, on episode 14. Please go back and listen to the rest (yes, it is two guys talking for an hour or so at a time), you can subscribe on any of the websites listed above also it’d be great if you rate, comment, share, retweet, fill in the survey on the website and, if you shop at Amazon, please go through the banner at the top of the website. If you do this we get a percentage of whatever you buy, it won’t cost you anything but it means that we can afford new equipment and stuff.

Anyway, the reason I’ve drawn your attention to this week’s podcast is because I review a couple of films and talk about the upcoming Daft Punk album. Also, if you go back to episode 10 we interview a genuine musician from around our way, Ben Copland who has worked with such artists as Aaron Carter, the Fugees and Beverly Knight, also his band Mooli is brilliant. We get a world exclusive of their latest single as well as a T-shirt and some CDs, he’s a great guy!

Please have a listen, subscribe and give us a message or comment some time. We really want to hear from you!