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Anywhere But Here, Episode 112 – Would You Rather?

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This weeks show was recorded last week over Skype and featured some technical difficulties. We hope we sorted out as many as possible, but there was nothing to be done about the exploding sauce container in Tom’s kitchen!

As it’s Mother’s Day and Ant and Tom are out spoiling their Mum’s they decided to record a show all about hypothetical questions and situations. These include Would you rather be eternally hungry or morbidly obese forever, would you rather no-one knew who you were or not be able to recognise anyone, would you rather be a slut or have everyone think you are a slut, would you rather dissect a corpse or skydive and if you found a suitcase in the forest with £1 million inside and a bloodstained note that said ‘don’t’, what would you do?

The show ends on a really difficult question of whether you would kill a turtle or have a close friend become a scientologist? The result may surprise you.

The final question is thrown open to the audience though: Would you rather lose an eye in a fireworks accident or have your nose mauled off by a wild animal leaving you with a Michael Jackson style nose? Please send your answers to any of the social media links below, and let us know if you would have chosen the same answers as Ant and Tom.

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Anywhere But Here, Episode 86 – Don’t Poke It!

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A lot of things are covered in this week’s podcast. Ranging all the way from the new Batmobile design that Zack Snyder released this week, what you guys thought about it and why it NEEDS guns! Also discussed are Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and where the producers are going with the second series, thanks to an article by @monstersyfyshow.

Ant talks about the new Doctor Who episodes and brings a story about a grave-digger who exhumed a corpse for its relatives to pose in a photo with! Tom tells the story about a homeless woman who claims to be pregnant with Prince Harry’s baby, the same week that the Kate and William have announced their own pregnancy.

The guys talk about the inexplicable success of Kanye West and Justin Beiber when they do awful things like stop their concerts until they know the guys not dancing are definitely disabled. Lumped into this is the success of Mrs Brown’s Boys, a shit sit-com about an Irish man dressed up as a woman swearing. It doesn’t hold up in the shadow of good comedy like The Fast Show, Spaced and Black Books, but somehow there’s an audience for it? Do you know anyone who watches it and is a fan? Add your views to this discussion on Twitter and Facebook.

Ant & Tom also put forward some new ideas for a segment about watching and reviewing films or TV shows on Netflix as well as some ideas for merchandise, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail if you have ideas for the segment or if you would like to have as a t-shirt, mug, etc.

Big love goes out to all our listeners this week, but especially Robbie Polanco, David Williams, Monster SciFi Show and Weekly Geek Speak (we hope Andrew didn’t get into trouble!).


Anywhere But Here, Episode 70 – Is This The Future?

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This week we talk mainly about technology… lots of technology. Well, after the results of the local and European elections.

Tom points out that the UN will be debating on whether or not fully autonomous weapons should be deployed in wars now instead of living soldiers. Is this the start of SkyNet, Robocop or The Matrix? Let us know how you feel at

Ant promotes Solar Freakin’ Roadways! A new innovation from America where roads, pavements, play areas, all-sorts would be replaced with hexagonal, glass tiles with LEDs in that could generate electricity while making roads safer. Take a look for it online and subscribe.

Tom then gets totally side-tracked talking about how technology could change the face of entertainment as Michael Jackson was beamed live on stage to sing a song from his new album, Xscape, a song he didn’t finish before he died. This led to the discovery of Hatsune Miku, an entirely fictitious pop star whose voice is completely synthesised yet she still sells out huge stadiums!

To finish, Tom reads out a list of hacked McDonalds menu items meaning you could get just a cheese sandwich, or a Big Mac made out of Quarter Pounder burgers and a whole load more. This episode is all about the future!